• Olivia Moriano

Top tips for training

- Keeping your horse supple helps them perform to their full potential. This can be done by doing carrot stretches after riding or doing counter-canter on a circle to improve your horse’s flexibility and balance through their back and neck, especially in preparation for more advanced movements.

- Working your horse in-hand helps development the bond between you and your horse. As I’m only 5’1 and my horse is an agile 16’3 German warmblood, this was daunting at first however it has increased his confidence in the arena massively.

- Transitions between gaits is key to improving your horse’s ability to work over their back and their general obedience to aids. As simple as trot to walk or canter to walk, this will help make your horse more your leg and listening effectively.

- Giving and retaking the reins helps your horse maintain a constant rhythm without relying on your contact through the rein and enabling them to maintain a good rhythm. Although they should not slow down, this training tip will help better the connection through the rider’s seat and to do so until told differently.

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