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Making the most of lockdown!

This month started off with an exciting new arrival to Team Moriano. Little Rio (Westie) joined us so life has been a little busy since the 5th of may!

As lockdown rules start to get lifted, I'm very much looking forward to teaching again next week, and continuing to train my horse around my university studies as exams get closer.

I will officially be launching my new website this week, which has been a project throughout this period of lockdown. During this long period at home in the country, I have never felt so productive; new ideas popping into my head constantly, making me realise how much time I waste sitting on the tube and train!

Also, a massive thank you to CryoChaps for their continued support. Last week they kindly sent me some new ice boots and a saddle pad for when I can compete again. They have made a considerable difference to my horse and using them as a preventative method as we start to increase our work technicality, so I am very grateful for their support.

I hope everyone can now have more access to their horses, and can start riding again now rules are relaxing.

Until next time,

Olivia x

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