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Neue Schule Blog 2 - Coping with the pandemic.

As we are all aware, the world’s current situation is changing our usual routines and our usual way of living. Unfortunately, 2020 is not living up to my expectations, especially as this year I had planned it to be the biggest year of my life yet. It is ironic how I was initially worried that I didn’t have enough days to fit in every competition and goal I wanted to achieve as now it seems like I have all the time in the world. However, despite this situation easily having the power to alter our thinking, staying positive and adjusting our goals and routine is a priority.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I am currently coming up to the end of my second year at university studying banking and finance. As being in London is no longer an option for safety reasons, this has moved me back to the country for the forcible future until the pandemic blows over. It is the best feeling to wake up to the horses every morning and this is a perfect opportunity to make the most of creating a routine and to set new goals to focus on.

This is what a typical day looks like for me (as of the last few weeks) and how I will be restructuring my life temporally to this situation:

- A typical day begins with waking up at 6:30am to feed the horses and put them in the field whilst mucking out and making sure everything is tidy for the day ahead.

- Whilst they are in the field, this is my opportunity to complete my university work and listen to lectures and seminars.

- I ride after their lunch (around 1pm) either training in the arena, hacking or in-hand work.

- I will try and complete more work before the horses are fed at 5:30pm, as well as a workout HIIT session or stretch routine to keep up my fitness other than riding.

- Then I get to relax!

I am coping with this situation by having a structured day and having aspects to look forward to. This could be trying some new in-hand work with my horse or a walk round the fields to relax. As an individual who lives for a routine and doesn’t like change, hearing that my international in April was cancelled, and another in July, it is hard to take in especially as this is my last year competing at Young Rider level, and my last opportunity to attend the U21’s European Championships. However, I have used this time to focus on what is possible to achieve this year as really, only the situation around me has changed. For instance, teaching my horse 1-time changes and making sure his brain is even more occupied than usual during training (especially as we cannot travel anywhere for a while). My main horse, Worldly Wise (Will) loves to work so I train him 4 to 5 times a week where I either train new movements, focus on a test to perfect every aspect or improve his way of going by doing suppleness training. Recently, I have been able to hack much more which he loves, as well as trying more in hand work to boost his confidence in the arena.

I still have high hopes for this year despite all events being cancelled, stopping lots of activity. My dream is to reach the European Championships at Hartpury and to ride down that centre line knowing all the effort my team and myself have put in over the years has led me to the pinnacle of my sporting carer as an athlete. By taking each day as it comes, and still doing the things you love, this will help keep a positive mind set. This is also a good opportunity to start something new horse (related or not). I hope everyone stays well and safe during this time and that this will all be over soon so life can return to normal.

Until next time, Olivia x

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